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Fields and Springs – The Adolf Munkel trail

Fels und Quelle - Adolf Munkel Weg

The Adolf Munkel trail underneath the imposing Geisler north wall is one of the most impressive trails in the Dolomites. You will experience a diverse variety of plants: along the Tschantschenon brook, in the Zwergstrauch moor on the Adolf Munkel trail, in the meadows, in the shady Schwarzwald. The Grossgrube is an important spring area.

Tour description
From Zans (1,680 m) the trail leads along the Tschantschenon brook to the Grossgrube and then to Tschantschenon (1,868 m). Now continue on to the west on the Adolf Munkel trail to Gschnagenhardtaim (1,996). From there, the ascent leads over the Dussel pasture back to Zans.

Details regarding the excursion