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Vacation in Bressanone -
Holidays in beautiful South Tyrol

Flower hike

Flower hike

This hike is regarded as an ideal walk or hike, which exclusively leads past blooming fruit tree pastures.  With a spectacular panorama view of the surrounding mountains, which in the Spring are still snow-topped, this hike is ideal for families with children and for seniors.

Tour description:
You will begin walking on the street from “Dorfplatz” in Natz in the direction of Viums, where you can visit the Museum Rudolf Pacher.  200 m after the end of the town of Natz, you will reach a branch in the trail leading left to “Biotop Sommersüβ” (marked red-white Nr. 1).

This path leads past the “Biotop” to “Flötscher Weiher” (marked red-white Nr.5).  Cross the street in the direction of Raas (marked red-white Nr.2).  By the village fountain in the town center of Raas, you will go in the direction of Natz past the Moser farm (Moserhof) (marked white-blue), cut through the Raier Moos on the north side and climb up to the reservoir. For the return trip to Natz pass the “Biotop Laugen” (marked white-blue) into the town center of Natz.

Details regarding the excursion